Interval Training: How to burn more calories during and after your workout

Interval training, commonly referred to as High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) or cross training, has become a popular style of workout in the fitness industry. You may have seen a boom in specialized gyms offering their version of interval training, but this style of workout has been around for years. What’s all the hype about?

Interval training is well recognized as the most efficient way to burn fat delivering real results in short periods of time. But there are many other benefits to this style of exercise: variety and shorter duration to your work out, significantly increased aerobic and anaerobic fitness and decreased fasting insulin and reduced abdominal and subcutaneous (just under the skin) fat.  Interval training also has an “afterburn effect” in which your metabolism remains elevated for hours – even days – after your workout.

Interval training is a cardiorespiratory training technique that alternates brief speed and recovery intervals to increase the overall intensity of your workout.  Most cardio workouts, such as walking or using the elliptical, are performed at a moderate intensity. Intervals are done at a high level of exertion but typically sustained for 5-10 seconds to 3 minutes followed by a recovery interval equal to or longer in length.

You can use an interval style workout as a guide for working out on any piece of cardio equipment or strength training routine.
For example, your workout would look something like this:


Try out interval training next time you exercise to reach performance goals and enhance fitness and well-being.  Contact Jenny to set up an interval workout plan for you.
You’ll put forth a big effort but find gratitude in the shorter workout and results!

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